Realistic expectations – what will you learn at a modern calligraphy workshop?

August 7, 2018By Claire Gouldcalligraphy workshop, learning calligraphy, wedding calligraphy No Comments

Modern calligraphy is harder than it looks. But I’m confident at least 90% of people can do it – and I really do believe that you only need 2 hours of teaching before you can continue your calligraphy journey to success! The secret is to practice – have your first practice session at home (if … Read More

Luxe gold ink wedding calligraphy envelope samples

June 24, 2018By Claire Gouldwedding calligraphy, wedding invitation calligraphy, wedding invitations No Comments

Lovely Lauren asked me about gold calligraphy addressed envelopes for her wedding, and these are the samples I addressed for her this week. Some envelopes are more suitable for calligraphy than others. These are absolutely perfect – they’re a GF Smith paper stock, and work wonderfully with the gold ink. Thank you to lovely Ellie … Read More

Handwritten menus on fine Italian paper

June 22, 2018By Claire Gouldcalligraphy projects, wedding calligraphy, Wedding menu calligraphy No Comments

Alexandra and Christopher asked me to write their wedding invitations earlier this year: they were 100% handwritten, in black ink and a modern, elegant calligraphy style. Teamed with burgundy envelopes addressed in gold ink, they set the scene for a beautiful and elegant celebration. I was delighted to hear from Alexandra again a month before … Read More