Learning to slow it down

June 19, 2019By Claire Gouldwedding calligraphy No Comments

I can feel my calligraphy style beginning to change – my influences are evolving and so is my lettering. The thing is, you always learn. With calligraphy there’s never a ‘perfect’. Fashions and styles change, and there are so many styles out there, there’s always another which tempts me. So I’ve been watching videos by … Read More

Christmas preparations at By Moon & Tide Calligraphy

October 28, 2018By Claire Gouldcalligraphy projects, calligraphy workshop, wedding calligraphy No Comments

With less than nine weeks until Christmas, we’re busy making plans and┬ástocking up (pun not intended!) on gift tags and calligraphy kits for the festive season! I’ve been working on some exercises for those of you learning calligraphy, and shared this Christmas card design on my social media. I love it because it’s deceptively easy … Read More