Family Trees in calligraphy

I can not believe how perfect the trees are!
I love them so so much, got very emotional looking at them just now. Thank you so much, you are a real talent and I love them!
James (August 2023)

In 2015 I began taking commissions for handwritten family trees in calligraphy.

Since then, thousands of people in the UK and worldwide have purchased my family tree designs.

Whether your family tree is extensive, with many generations reaching through decades, or simple, with just a few family members, I can transform it into a piece of artwork for you.

Prices range from £29 for a simple, printed family tree with names in calligraphy, to £1,200 for a full size, framed calligraphy family tree with up to 100 names.

What an amazing gift to give my mother for her 80th birthday. It arrived on time, and was so beautifully done. A really unusual and tasteful gift. Would highly recommend!

Starting your research: first steps in ancestry

If you’re looking to discover your family tree going back generations, there is a ton of information online to help you. If it’s bewildering at first, there’s some thoughtful advice on which might help you navigate your way into the world of genealogy.

classic traditional family tree in calligraphy UK

You’ll need to be organised, and willing to take on a project (depending how much research you’re looking to do!) – but they say “a large part of the fun is about sharing research and stories” – and you’ll discover your family history might overlap with other people’s – you could discover long lost relatives and branches of your family you never knew existed!

Family tree print against a bright wall backdrop with flowers
My simple, modern calligraphy family tree. Photographer credit: Marion Botella Photography

The perfect present. Found the family tree print and decided it was the perfect gift for an upcoming 90 year old birthday. The option to place the names where you chose was straight forward, the offer of one proof was very appreciated and we were not disappointed. The print is beautifully created, the freedom to chose your words at the bottom and to the side makes it all the more personal. You will love, love, love it. The seller sent the product in great time and was swift to respond to my changes. i cannot find a single fault with the product or the seller and have been recommending it to several friends already.

Reasons to gift a family tree

I’ve written family trees in calligraphy as heirlooms and keepsakes – and these can be any size and price.

A lovely customer from Yorkshire commissioned a family tree for his son as a gift… and returned a year later for a copy for his other son! This particular tree has a hundred or so names, and I’ve kept all of my notes just in case!

Smaller family tree prints have been given as gifts to people with dementia. This is a really special gift to celebrate family and to help with names, recollections and memory.

Customers have purchased family trees as special anniversary gifts – especially for grandparents. They also make lovely 80th birthday gifts. (By far the most popular request is that I write “Happy 80th birthday…” at the bottom of a family tree!

My family trees also make a lovely wedding or first anniversary gift. Joining two families is a lovely time to celebrate – and a handwritten calligraphy family tree is a unique idea for a wedding present.

Classic illustrated family tree design

Calligraphy family tree reviews

Such brilliant service, gift for my grandad and every request was accommodated. So grateful for such a perfect gift and on arrival it was beautiful – I have told everyone about this brilliant gift idea. Thank you for being so very creative and sharing this gift. I am over the moon with it and I’m so excited to give it to my grandad Christmas Day. Thank you – I had real anxiety about getting it right but I was sent a draft online version and was able to tweak aspects I wasn’t 100% with as I’ve already said every request was executed. I’m really thankful. I would recommend this to everyone that just wants to get someone ‘the perfect personalised family gift’

This is by far the best gift I have ever bought for a family member and the quality is unbelievable. Customer service was also amazing for this products as my queries were answered almost straight away. Would definitely buy again.

Absolutely fantastic!!!! The Family Tree was for a Wedding Gift and it was just perfect. Quality was stunning and the Customer Service from Claire was First Class. Highly Recommend and will definitely be purchasing again. Thank you so much!

Perfect. Brought tears to the eye of my 80 year old mum. Thanks very much

Family tree websites

Find My Past is a UK based genealogy website with a huge database allowing you to input your details – and see what you can find! In 2011 Findmypast embarked on a 10-year project to digitise 40 million pages from The British Library’s collection of historical newspapers and is now the exclusive online home of the 1921 Census of England & Wales in association with The National Archives.

Ancestry® is a world-leading family tree resource, with over 30 years’ of data and experience in family tree research. Ancestry® has invested over $300 million to build the world’s largest, most distinguished collection of family history records, and is continuing to invest in new content collections globally. With its trusted DNA database, the brand excels by using the latest science to help you gain valuable insights about your origins.

Traditional calligraphy family tree for commission UK based calligrapher

How to order your calligraphy family tree

Once you’ve researched your family back through the generations, I can turn your research into a beautiful piece of artwork. Your ancestry will be transformed into a family heirloom for generations to come!

Every family tree is fully handwritten with traditional calligraphy tools:

  • a dip pen and nib with a dippy ink pot
  • quality, FSC certified luxury papers (made in the UK)
  • 23 carat gold leaf for any gilding detail
  • artist’s gouache paints applied with a brush

To begin your enquiry and get prices for your calligraphy family tree, please email me:

If you’re not sure how much information you’d like to include, I can give you options based on the number of names / dates and places of birth you have uncovered. Please ask for different price options (e.g. with or without place of birth) and I will be happy to include these in a quote for you.

To be able to send a quote, I will need to see the family tree information you have gathered. Ideally, this would be a download from a genealogy website (for example,

The key information I will need to give you a quote is:

  1. the number of names on your family tree
  2. the level of detail you would like to include, for example:
    • first, second and middle names
    • dates of birth, dates of death
    • places of birth (town and country)
    • places of death (as above)

If your family tree research isn’t online, then you could send me a list of all your names, dates and locations. This could be in Word format, as photocopies in the post, or as photos of your handwritten research.

If your family tree is bigger on one side

I can write a family tree with an unusual layout, using a few little tricks and alternative name structures to fit all of your information on a sensible-sized sheet of paper!

Find out more: I wrote a blog post with examples of calligraphy family trees which were a little more complex than most!

More family tree options

I offer many different family trees of all shapes and sizes within this price range, from my original modern calligraphy family tree to other options for gifting.

Floral family tree art print

A favourite is this joyful, floral family tree. You might also like this shimmering gold foil family tree, with a more striking and modern aesthetic.

Navy and gold foil family tree art print By Moon & Tide
Photographer credit: Thyme Lane Lifestyle

Norwegian spruce family tree gift idea