Self isolating? My online calligraphy workshop is now FREE!

It’s made me sad postponing my modern calligraphy workshops – but until we can all get out there and enjoy a real life calligraphy class, I have an online calligraphy workshop to tell you about instead!

It’s going to be a long spring… but to keep your mind and heart occupied, my online modern calligraphy workshop is FREE while we’re all stuck indoors and self-isolating.

We filmed these a few years ago – in my dining room with lovely Paul Kyte behind the camera and my cat under the table! Usually the course costs £60 – for the next 12 weeks or so, it’s yours for free.

I’m really proud of this online calligraphy course and I thought perhaps we could share it now, with you, to help you through the coronavirus pandemic.

There’s no catch; tutorials are free for everyone to view and learn from for the next 12 weeks. I really hope you love them!

modern online calligraphy workshop with Claire by Moon and Tide

There are 6 tutorials in total. They’ll take you from your very first dip of the pen into your ink pot, through to joining up letters and writing beautiful calligraphy quotes.

At a glance: see all of the online calligraphy tutorials in the series:

Tutorial 1 – lines & loops
Tutorial 2 – first letters
Tutorial 3 – lower case alphabets & first words
Tutorial 4 – the beautiful side of capital letters!
Tutorial 5 – curls, curves and common mistakes + the gallery
Tutorial 6 – brush lettering, working in colour + suppliers

Each has a video for you to play and worksheets for you to download and print at home.

To get started you will need a POINTED calligraphy pen – a Nikko G nib and oblique penholder is ideal – some calligraphy ink and a home printer with decent (100gsm) paper. That’s all.

Start here:

Every workshop is listed in the menu at the top of the website, so you can find them easily.

And while we’re all in states of lockdown, self-isolating and feeling anxious and scared, I’d like to introduce you to calligraphy as a mindful activity: there’s something really calming about the nib’s dance across a page… do try it!

Stay safe and well, and look after the world and community around you.

With love, claire gould calligrapher

The joys of spring, calligraphy styley!

modern calligraphy photography

If I wasn’t an optimist, I don’t know how I’d do February! But I’m felling all the joys of spring and so excited for the month ahead. We have birthday secret surprise adventures aplenty (two MAJOR birthdays in our family this month) and lots of calligraphy projects I’ve been a busy bee with in Jan are just about ready to share! 

A collaboration with my extraordinarily talented friend Amy Swann – bespoke wedding invitations

First on my schedule is my new Etsy wedding shop launch. I set up my Etsy store in *goes to check* 2013!! So we’re seven… and need a bit of a refresh because some of my oldest products have been on there for quite a few years now! Lots of goodies are currently floating around my calligraphy studio, and I’m excited to get them in the shop! 

Then there are workshop plans to finalise: I’ve got full-day calligraphy workshops in Coniston and Nantwich to plan for, and my Manchester calligraphy classes are almost fully booked (a couple of places left in April; March is sold out). So I’m really excited for those!

I’m pretty good with work-life balance these days, so weekends and evenings are spent notworking. (I love how my phone automatically changes that to networking, because it knows I’m on instagram and generally talking about calligraphy and weddings… haha.) But no – weekends and evenings are perfect crafting time, and I have lots of little projects on the go with the latest being clay coasters and dried flowers. Somehow, they WILL go together. No idea how… any tips?!

While it’s chilly outside I’m totally still nesting. Every now and then we head out to the beach to get all windswept and red-cheeked, and then come in, bang the fire on and snuggle with a hug mug full of hot chocolate. Or a whiskey. (Anyone tried Smokehead?) So yeah – spring’s in the air, but I’m sure we’re still to see snow, and there’s no way I’m stashing my jumpers away just yet!

For new wedding stuff, head over to my Etsy shop

For workshops follow @swallowsandartisans and @littlepapershopdesigns or message me direct @bymoonandtide

To see all my crafting failures, watch my Instagram stories! They’re bound to happen… and I believe in keeping it real on there, so I post everything, even the less successful experiments!

Photos from my modern calligraphy workshops at The Little Paper Shop!

I was so excited to come home from Venice last week to find these beauties sat in my inbox! Huge thanks to lovely Cara (owner, photographer, wedding stationery designer and our fabulous workshop host!) from The Little Paper Shop for the pics! And especially huge thanks to everyone who came along on the day! There are some brilliant photos of you here – a reminder of the lovely day we had!

My next workshop in Nantwich will be on the 7th of December: a final Christmas calligraphy workshop for the year, filled with baubles and gift tags and wrapping and all sorts of wonderful festive treats!

Christmas calligraphy in nantwich cheshire
Nantwich // 07.12.19 // Click for details

Absolute beginners modern calligraphy class – LEAF on Portland Street

Tucked away in a pile of papers on a shelf in my wonderfully chaotic mess of a calligraphy studio are some gift vouchers.

I had these vouchers printed last year just in time for Christmas, and I have spares!

So if you’re looking for a Christmas present that’s a little bit different, for a friend with crafty tendencies, then I’ll be more than thrilled to be sending you one of these gift vouchers  for my 2020 calligraphy classes very soon!

I have two modern calligraphy workshops in Manchester planned for 2020. Places are still available for both, and you can ask for a gift voucher when you book. They’re going to be at LEAF on Portland Street in March and in April.

Both calligraphy classes are on Sundays, so if you work full time during the week, you’ll be able to make these without having to book time off!

I think a calligraphy workshop experience makes the loveliest Christmas present, especially for someone who has everything or who you don’t know what to buy for. Having a gorgeous gift voucher so you actually have something to GIVE at Christmas is the cherry on the cake!

All of my calligraphy workshops are suitable for absolute beginners so anyone is welcome to come along and see what they can do with a calligraphy pen!

Calligraphy workshops are £55 per person, or with a gift voucher (which I promise to make absolutely beautiful and send to you in the post), they’re £65.

Calligraphy workshop Location Date Click for details
Calligraphy workshop Location Date Click for details

How to book:

Either email me directly at to book your place(s) with a gift voucher, or book online at

Modern Calligraphy Classes at LEAF on Portland Street

modern calligraphy photography

Is it too early to start making New Year’s resolutions now?

Perhaps you won’t read this blog post until 2020 – either way, if you’d love to learn modern calligraphy then I have the PERFECT workshop for you on the 1st of March 2020.

I’ll be teaching modern calligraphy at a brand new venue, and one which I know is a fond favourite in Manchester City centre.

LEAF on Portland Street is an amazing space. As the name suggests, they specialise in tea and I’ve seen on their instagram that that tea comes with some pretty spectacular cakes which I can’t wait to try.

Our calligraphy workshop will be in a quiet room at LEAF where we can relax and chat over tea and cake as we learn the art of beautiful modern calligraphy.

More than a simple calligraphy lesson, you’ll learn how to make magic with a pot of ink and a dippy pen.

You’ll learn swirls and letters, alphabets and joining up – and by the end of the session you’ll have written your very own motivational calligraphy quote, which we’ll pop in a frame for you to take home!

There’ll be calligraphy demonstrations for you to watch and follow, and I’ll help you learn with tips and tricks along the way.

At the end of your modern calligraphy workshop you’ll have an opportunity to buy colourful inks, alternative nibs and fancy penholders to make your future calligraphy adventures even more exciting!

– – – – – – – – – –

Reviews for previous calligraphy workshops:

“Spent a lovely couple of hours discovering modern calligraphy skills with Claire in a welcoming and comfortable environment. Would recommend to anyone wanting to try their hand at a uniquely personal art form.” – Ara, April 2018

“This is a great workshop. Claire is very organised and friendly, explaining how to do the calligraphy and making it all sound very easy! She was there if we needed a helping hand but ready to let us work independently, which made me feel I was actually getting somewhere! Definitely a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. My only suggestion would be to have an organised break half way through as all the concentration required is quite tiring, and it would be a good opportunity to chat to other people.” – February 2018

How to book:

Either email me directly at to book your place(s), or book online at

NEW! Brush pen beginners workshop in Cheshire!

Brush lettering is the playful, super trendy little sister of modern calligraphy – and I’ll be teaching a brush pen calligraphy workshop in Cheshire on the afternoon of Saturday 2nd November. Come and join me!

brush pen lettering for beginners nantwich cheshire
Nantwich // 02.11.2019 // Click for details

The brush pen calligraphy workshop is for absolute beginners – so if you want to get started with a really fun and creative hobby, it’s perfect!

We’ll look at how brush pen lettering works; how to make beautiful letters without damaging the fragile tips of the calligraphy brush pens, and learn a pretty alphabet. Plus, we’ll play with colours – writing in sunrise and sunset colours to produce pretty quotes and wall hangings.

The workshop will be relaxed and friendly – it’s a cosy, creative space at The Little Paper Shop and I love teaching there!

We’re there all day – if you’d like to make a day of it why not come along for my introduction to modern calligraphy in the morning?

Book your places here –

Brush pen calligraphy tickets
Modern calligraphy tickets

Back in Cheshire for a modern calligraphy workshop!

Hey lovelies! I’m happy to be heading back to Cheshire at the beginning of November for a modern calligraphy workshop at The Little Paper Shop in Nantwich. Come and join me! There’ll be tea and coffee, cakes and lots of lovely calligraphy for you to enjoy!

Modern calligraphy workshop Nantwich 2nd November
Nantwich // 02.11.2019 // Click for details

We begin with exploring modern calligraphy pens: how do they work? How do you create lovely flowing thick and thin strokes to form letters? We’ll write swirls and shapes, then practice a modern calligraphy alphabet.

By the end of the morning you’ll have learned everything you need to know about modern calligraphy to practice and perfect your art at home! You’ll also have a framed quote of your very own to take home and display – and to keep as a reminder of that very first day you tried modern calligraphy!

The modern calligraphy workshop is on the 2nd of November from 10am until 12:30. You can book your places here!

Christmas Calligraphy Workshop in Manchester!

It’s fair to say I’ve had some an interesting year with venues for my calligraphy workshops in 2019.

If you’ve been following my blog you will know this was my last year teaching at Manchester Craft and Design Centre.

I found a wonderful new venue for calligraphy classes at Ziferblat in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. I love how friendly and informal this place is! The lounge is huge and full of armchairs and little coffee tables so visitors to the café can chill and help themselves to cakes and drinks as if they were at home with friends.

The workshop space is The Dining Room at Ziferblat, and this is where I will be teaching another Christmas calligraphy workshop on the 30th of November.

Come and join me for an afternoon of ridiculously festive, sparkly and fun modern calligraphy.

The class is suitable as always for absolute beginners. We’ll learn how to do a basic modern calligraphy alphabet and then between us – and with my help if you need it – we will make our very own modern calligraphy glitter bauble (using eco-friendly biodegradable glitter of course)!

I LOVE the friendliness and quirky vibe of Ziferblat in Manchester – this is a co-working and chill out kind of space where food and drink is FREE: you just pay a few pence per minute to hang out on their comfy armchairs. What’s not to love? Tucked away in a corner is The Dining Room at Ziferblat – a 6 metre long table (I think!) with chintzy lampshades and floral wallpaper… the perfect, relaxing space for a spot of Christmas calligraphy! Join me here on the 30th of November for festive calligraphy fun!

Calligraphy workshop

“A great workshop to start you off on your calligraphy journey! I really enjoyed it and Claire was so lovely and is an amazing calligrapher! Would highly recommend!!” – Leanne, June 2019

At the end of your modern calligraphy workshop you’ll have an opportunity to buy colourful inks, alternative nibs and fancy penholders to make your future calligraphy adventures even more exciting!

What’s included in the price?

You get to keep your calligraphy pen and nib, pot of ink and full set of worksheets based on my ‘Introduction to Modern Calligraphy’ exercise book.

You’ll take home your very own personalised bauble, card and gift tag!

There’ll be a little pop-up shop at the end so you can buy colourful inks, spare nibs and penholders, books and more worksheets if you like.

Class sizes are limited so everyone has some personal tuition – and no matter what your skill level (we all learn at different speeds) I will help you along the way!

How to book:

Either email me directly at to book your place(s), or book online at