A Passion for Beautiful Lettering & Design

By Moon & Tide began with a love of letters. Writing – as we do it less in our daily lives – is special now. It’s art.

Words bring us all pleasure in wonderful little ways. We hunt Instagram for pick-me-up quotes. We listen to songs and fall in love to inspiring lyrics. We escape in the pages of our favourite books. And we adorn our weddings and celebrations with notes, names, signs and more.

The personal touch is back, and we love it!

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Creating the Loveliest Bespoke Calligraphy & Stationery, Uniquely for You

Our bespoke invitations, wedding menus, table plans and place names are all written entirely by hand in a little at-home calligraphy studio on the edge of the English Lake District.

We work with couples all over the world to create beautiful, artisan wedding stationery with a personal touch you won’t find anywhere else.

We specialise in luxe, handmade paper invitations and organic calligraphy lettering styles and work with hand-dyed silk ribbons, elegant gold threads, quality wax seals and stamps to create bespoke wedding stationery with a luxe, unique finish.

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The Design Process

We’ll work with you to create the most beautiful wedding stationery to suit your wedding style and colour palette.

The first stage is an email chat to discuss your dream wedding invitations. Tell us your colours and any ideas you already have in mind for your stationery, and we’ll work together to create the perfect samples for you to see.

Our calligrapher will write your sample invitation by hand, mixing inks here in the studio to perfectly suit your theme. Monograms, simple illustration and motifs can be incorporated into the design of your invitations and stationery along with custom stamps, wax seals in a rainbow of colours and beautiful ribbons to enhance your beautiful invitations.

On approval of your invitation sample we’ll write and finish your calligraphy stationery, pack it beautifully, and send you the loveliest parcel you’ve ever received.

Image credit: Jess Petrie Photography, illustration by Amy Swann; featured on Wedding Sparrow


Your investment in handcrafted wedding stationery

We are so grateful to you for choosing handwritten calligraphy for your wedding stationery. We’ll work closely with you to ensure every detail is perfect; you’re commissioning our work as artists and we value your vision inspiring us to create something wonderful for you.

As skilled artisans we price our bespoke wedding stationery to reflect the time and craftsmanship involved. Each invitation takes from 30 minutes to write by hand; wordings will have an effect on pricing as will papers, ribbons and wax seals.

You will be given an approximate price for your bespoke stationery once we have an idea of quantities required, wordings and materials involved. Design work costs from £100 and a 50% deposit for each part of your order will be required so we can begin designing – at which point we’ll block out days in our calendar when the calligraphy studio will be working exclusively for you!

Are you ready to get in touch for a chat? We’re excited to hear from you! hello@calligraphy-for-weddings.com

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