Making Beautiful Letters – online workshops for modern calligraphy

Have you ever wished you could write a beautiful script? Do your gift tags need to be prettier? Or are you looking for a new hobby – something affordable, a little challenging and really rewarding to learn? If you’re creative and ready for a new adventure, Making Beautiful Letters is for you!

My online workshop is for absolute beginners and it’s really easy to get started. You’ll learn the tips and tricks of modern calligraphy at your own pace, with video tutorials and demonstrations, and calligraphy worksheets for you to download and print at home.

At a glance: see all of the modern calligraphy tutorials in the series:

Tutorial 1 – lines & loops
Tutorial 2 – first letters
Tutorial 3 – lower case alphabets & first words
Tutorial 4 – the beautiful side of capital letters!
Tutorial 5 – curls, curves and common mistakes + the gallery
Tutorial 6 – brush lettering, working in colour + suppliers

You will need a calligraphy pen and pointed nib, ink and some quality printer paper to get started. I use a Speedball Oblique penholder, Nikko G nib and Sumi ink on HP laser paper – if you don’t already have these, grab a 10% saving on my modern calligraphy kit, which includes all of these, a brush lettering pen (which you’ll need for tutorial 6) and an inspirational modern calligraphy exercise book! Buy online at and quote code BEAUTIFUL when you place your order.

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Claire xx


Claire Gould, by Moon & Tide Calligraphy
Instagram: @bymoonandtide

With huge thanks: these video tutorials were made by Paul Kyte Wedding Photography and wedding photo-films