The biggest trends in wedding calligraphy for 2024!

Collaboration is a big trend in wedding calligraphy this summer – and it’s all about collaborations with YOU!

Couples are looking for luxe wedding place cards to customise with wax seals, dried flowers, stamps and tassels. So here’s the deal: I’ll write the calligraphy, so you can get your creative on!

Luxe doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With wedding place card calligraphy a special touch can make all the difference!

Bring luxury to wedding place settings with my calligraphy place names. I’ll add beautiful lettering and leave space for your wax seals, stamps, dried flowers or tassels!

luxury wedding place cards with calligraphy and table names
Squish a wild flower, stick it here! Luxury wedding place cards in an instant – and your guests will love them!
Wedding place names with pressed flowers: cow parsley, buttercup and geranium
P.S. I’ll do the calligraphy!

Visit my Etsy shop to see all of my wedding place names. Prices start from £2.