Sustainable Mother’s Day gift ideas

I really like writing little gift guides, and I haven’t done one since Christmas so I thought I’d find some lovely sustainable Mother’s Day ideas to share here! It’s really important to me to find ethical gifts. I try to shop plastic-free, and support local small businesses or ethical marketplaces wherever I possibly can.

In my own little calligraphy business I make sure everything possible is plastic free and sustainably sourced. I only buy FSC certified papers, and I use vegan inks in most of my calligraphy sets. My wedding items don’t include acrylic or exotic shells etc. Knowing where the things we buy are sourced from is becoming harder and harder – so I hope you find this sustainable Mother’s Day gift guide useful!

Here are five lovely gifts I recommend for Mother’s Day 2024!

Books not from Amazon!

I love reading about nature, and often you’ll find the loveliest little books to gift in the nature section of your local bookshop! Two books I’ve read, loved, and spotted on Mum’s bookshelf last week (so I must have thought she’d love them too) are How to Catch a Mole and Find Yourself in Nature by Marc Hamer, and The Secret Life of Cows. There are some lovely mother-daughter-granddaughter cow moments in the latter!

Vegan candle gifts

I love this pretty container candle by Moo & Yoo, based in Edinburgh. (We’ll step away from the cow theme soon!)

Making me chuckle (but a lovely gift all the same) – this Moths print is beautiful, and it’s sold by The Wildlife Trusts. If you buy it, say you misread it online.

Moths Day. I dare you.

Seriously though, moths suffer with light pollution and pesticides. While we all love bees and butterflies, moths are in serious need of help and intervention so planting seeds for night-blooming wildflowers is really important.

Sustainably curated gift set

She’ll expect this kind of thing more!

Perhaps a safer bet if you’re a traditional gift-giving family, this Mini Fizz Gift Box is from Social Supermarket. Everything’s ethically sourced and Social Supermarket is well worth checking out.

Essential oils gift

Beautifully packaged and perfect if you need to post a gift to Mum, this essential oils gift set by The Nature of Things is available on Green Tulip.

I’ve had so much fun looking for sustainable gifts for Mother’s Day. I hope you like my little list, and I hope it inspires you to check out some of the online marketplaces I’ve found while I was looking!

If you need more inspiration to find your own Mother’s Day gifts, there are tickets available for lots of my Spring calligraphy workshops around Cumbria – a day out with Mum is always a lovely gift idea!

I’ve also launched some brand new calligraphy family trees which you can find in my Not On The High St. Shop! (Photo at the top of the page is by lovely Marion Botella)

I’m off to shop for some other things for my Mum now… because I’ve given the game away a little with these!