Sending wedding place names on journeys around the world!

Etsy is as mad as it is wonderful. This week’s calligraphy orders have included 150 wedding place cards to Arizona, US. Another order was for nine calligraphy place cards to Australia.

They lead exciting lives, do my little place cards!

Is 10,557 miles to Australia an excuse to plant a tree? I googled how far my place cards will travel from Cumbria to New South Wales. That’s a hefty carbon footprint I’m not used to!

It’s amazing when someone on the other side of the world chooses my place names for their wedding. Of all the calligraphers in the world, they’ve chosen me! It’s a pinch-me moment, and very flattering.

I have Etsy to thank for letting my calligraphy work be seen all over the world.

Winning the award* for most popular in America are my slimline black wedding place cards with calligraphy in white ink. Australia’s choice so far is the sage green place card.

I’m waiting to see which ones my UK couples will choose! Will it be recycled white or almond card, or perhaps blush for this summer’s weddings?

Find your favourites in my Etsy shop!

*Not an actual award, obvs!