Beautiful – a bespoke calligraphy gift

I’m often asked to write bespoke calligraphy commissions for wedding presents, anniversary gifts and more. In October Denise got in touch with a very special request for a unique gift – a wedding reading she’d written for Sarah. 

It was a joy to write, in a romantic and flowing style which Denise found on my Instagram.

I have received the poem in the post today. Thank you so much, it truly is beautiful.
I am sure Sarah will be thrilled when she recives it next weekend.
You have a fabulous gift, your work is so fabulously presented and it has been a real pleasure doing business with you.
I will certainly come to you again for more bespoke pieces in the future and I will certainly recommend you to my friends.

To order a calligraphy poem as a gift for someone special, please email me – send me a copy of your poem and ask for a quote. Prices for calligraphy commissions start at £75.

Christmas family tree gift idea – NEW!

In these busy times of social media madness and posting every little piece of news online it’s easy to feel a little overwhelm, don’t you think?

With Christmas around the corner I’m busy writing family trees almost every day now, and I’ve decided to share the most important updates on my blog instead of simply dropping pics on Facebook or Instagram and rushing on to the next thing!

Today’s big news came from a chat with lovely Amy Swann (the wonderfully talented illustrator behind our beautiful new 2019 calendar and family tree print).

We’ve mentioned this from time to time over the last few weeks, and suddenly today it happened – we launched our Christmas family tree print! Amy’s illustration is wonderfully festive, wintry and with a kind of Scandinavian spirit which I adore.

Buy one of these over at and we’ll add your family’s names to it then send it as a digital file for you to print at home!

Of course, you can still buy our more summery family tree flavour over on Not On The High Street – it’s a beautiful print complete with birds and names are added in handwritten calligraphy.

I hope you love our new tree!

Click here to buy – Printable & Personalised Festive Family Tree

A beautifully illustrated wall calendar for 2019 – available now!

Every year, Amy Swann and I make plans for Christmas… and this year’s our best yet! We’ve had our heads together since the beginning of September to bring you a beautiful wall calendar for 2019. And it’s available to buy on Not On The High Street from TODAY!

We’re both absolutely thrilled with this. Amy’s illustrations really make it – each month has a floral design in the loveliest colours – my favourites are February (we chose vibrant reds for Valentines) and September (juicy blackberries). Amy loves April (blossom) and we both adore August, which became our cover image too.

The verse on the cover describes our 2019 calendar beautifully:

If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden” ~ from The Secret Garden.

To order your copy of our calendar head over to Not On The High Street.

A brand new build your own calligraphy set

I’ve been selling my calligraphy starter set on Not On The High Street for a couple of years now. I love it – it includes the same ink and nib I use on a daily basis, along with my book and practice paper, which I also take along to calligraphy workshops. But it was time for a little revamp, and after a quick look at other calligraphy kits on offer around the web, I decided it was time to give people a little more choice and control over the supplies they were buying.

modern calligraphy set
This image by lovely Jenny Jones Photography

At Christmas time I sold more calligraphy kits than ever before, mainly through Not On The High Street. I had three returns, from people buying them as gifts, for reasons like there “weren’t enough pens” or it “just wasn’t quite what I wanted”. I get it – ‘traditional’ calligraphy sets in shops include no instructions, just a pen and 5 nibs. So the older generation expect something a little different to most modern calligraphy sets.

The solution I came up with is to give complete control over what goes in a calligraphy set to the buyer. So I now sell kits with a selection of pens and nibs to choose from, coloured inks and different grades of instructions – from the very basic alphabet sampler and instruction sheet to a black and white exercise book or full colour ‘how to learn calligraphy’ book with beautiful photos. The most important thing to me is that everyone receiving the kit as a gift gets at least some written instruction, unlike those traditional calligraphy sets in shops which only contain the tools of the trade!

The full contents of my ‘build your own’ calligraphy set are:

A4 presentation box

Oblique penholder

Straight penholder (optional)

Brush pen (optional)

Nikko G nib

Rose nib (optional)

Blue Pumpkin nib (optional)

Black ink

White ink (optional)

Rose gold ink (optional)

Personalised notebook (optional)

Set of 10 rustic gift tags (optional)

Pack of 5 quality black notelets and envelopes (optional)

Black & white calligraphy exercise book (optional)

Full colour calligraphy book (optional)

You can buy yours here!

NEW! Updated and revised modern calligraphy set

I’m super happy to tell you my NEW & IMPROVED modern calligraphy set is now available to buy in my Etsy shop.

modern calligraphy set

I’m so proud of this kit – we’ve sold them worldwide to calligraphy beginners and crafty folks, on Etsy and Not On The High Street – I think they’re the best modern calligraphy sets around.

Designed for absolute beginners, my calligraphy set includes pen, nib and ink; a 32 page instruction book full of letters, exercises and tips; a personalised journal with your name on, a set of gift tags, practice papers and a brush lettering pen. It’s all beautifully presented in a gold foiled gift box – perfect for birthdays! 😉

modern calligraphy set

The price is £65 and you can buy the modern calligraphy kit either from my Etsy shop or on Not On The High Street.

modern calligraphy set

Massive thank yous to lovely Jenny Jones Photography for the new photos too!

– – –

If you’d rather learn calligraphy in person there are spaces available at my Manchester calligraphy workshop on Saturday the 26th of May. Come & join me! Details here:

A lovely personalised gift idea for Mothers Day (11th March)

If you’re struggling for ideas for a Mothers Day present this year, I can help!

These hand-finished family tree prints are a lovely gift for new mums, grandmothers and step-mums alike!

The modern family tree is a beautifully presented, informal record of your family at a moment in time.

With an original illustration by Welsh designer Amy Swann (who you may know from Kirstie Allsopp’s 2017 Christmas special), the family tree is perfect for springtime – there are even birds nesting in the tree!

Names are added by hand with a traditional calligraphy dip pen and nib, in archival quality ink which won’t fade.

Use our simple numbering system when you order online to put names on your family tree in the order they should be written.

Prices start from £49 with free delivery in my Not On The High Street shop.

Order today – and see your Mum’s face light up when she sees her calligraphy family tree on Mothers Day!

Click here to order your very own beautiful, personalised family tree!

New calligraphy starter kit with book!

Calligraphy kit uk gift packaging

Learning calligraphy has never been so easily accessible. Through my workshops at The Handmade Fair and in teaching at Manchester Craft & Design Centre I’ve learned just how quickly some of you take to beautiful lettering – and you’ve inspired me to update my calligraphy starter kit with a new version for 2016. This calligraphy kit has EVERYTHING you’ll need to get started. We think it’s the best you can buy.

Calligraphy kit uk exercise book

Order your calligraphy starter kit today and you will receive a dip pen, brush lettering pen, jar of ink, paper, gridlines and 36 page instruction book. The book is the pièce de résistance of the calligraphy kit: with 36 pages of step by step instructions, guides, letters and alphabets alongside beautifully styled calligraphy photos it will make learning your new craft a glorious journey.

Calligraphy kit uk alphabet styles

Many calligraphy kits on the market only include a dip pen and metal nib with some examples and alphabets. Others – the cheaper versions – only include a brush lettering pen and a booklet. Ours gives you both, with a colour printed book and guidelines to follow. Experimenting with modern lettering and playing with brush pens are both so much fun – so explore both!

You can order your copy of the calligraphy starter kit NOW on Etsy or via my Not on the High Street store:

Etsy calligraphy kit

Not on the High Street calligraphy kit

Calligraphy kit uk book and box
Calligraphy kit uk brush lettering tutorials
Calligraphy kit uk gift box present
Calligraphy kit uk instruction booklet
Calligraphy kit uk letter practice examples
Calligraphy kit uk modern 2016
Calligraphy kit uk oblique penholder
Calligraphy kit uk practice alphabets
Calligraphy kit uk with book

Buy now: Etsy | Not on the High Street

Calligraphy prints for Christmas! Special introductory prices only until 18th December…

I’ve been ever so quiet over on Facebook this last couple of weeks as I worked on something beautiful with talented illustrator Amy Swann. We’ve had our heads together designing a collection of beautiful illustrated calligraphy prints, which are now available for you to buy online from my Etsy shop and at Not On The High Street!

Calligraphy illustration print bless1

Bless us all, who gather here…

A beautiful illustrated calligraphy print to grace the walls of your home.

Click here to buy: Bless us all – calligraphy print

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Buy this beautiful print from just £18 for a limited time only – be one of the first to own this lovely piece of artwork and it’s yours for our special introductory price!

Introductory pricing from £18 is valid until December 19th

Calligraphy illustration print bless02
Calligraphy illustration print bless04
Calligraphy illustration print bless06

Your very own personalised family tree for Christmas 2015

Calligraphy illustration print tree01

Celebrate your family this Christmas with a beautifully illustrated and personalised family tree, or give as a wonderful and unique gift!

You’ll find this item EXCLUSIVELY in my shop at Not On The High Street: Calligraphy by Claire Gould

Printed from an original illustration by Amy Swann, with your names handwritten in modern calligraphy. Your tree will be printed on luxury textured white paper, and is sent ready to frame (please note: frame is not included)

The magical tree is painted in a timeless style with fabulous attention to detail: there are even birds in the tree!

Your names will be handwritten in calligraphy amongst the leaves and between the branches of the tree.

Buy now:
Calligraphy illustration print tree4
Calligraphy illustration print tree05
Calligraphy illustration print tree06

Calligraphy illustration print tree2
Calligraphy illustration print tree02
Calligraphy illustration print tree3

Roald Dahl nature quote

Buy now to claim your introductory price! Roald Dahl calligraphy quote

Calligraphy illustration print nature1

Above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who do’t believe in magic will never find it.
~ Roald Dahl

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Buy this beautiful print from just £18 for a limited time only – be one of the first to own this lovely piece of artwork and it’s yours for our special introductory price!

Introductory pricing from £18 is valid until December 19th
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Print size: Select from 12 x 16″ or 11 x 14″
Printed on quality white textured paper
Calligraphy illustration print nature2
Calligraphy illustration print nature4
Calligraphy illustration print nature5

Calligraphy illustration print tree1

Personalised name print with handwritten calligraphy and real gold leaf

Calligraphy illustration print amelia08


Buy now: Personalised name print with gold leaf

A wonderful gift for a little girl, sister or friend – this personalised name print combines beautiful illustration with modern handwritten calligraphy, and is finished with real gold!

The first letter of your name will be written in 22 carat gold leaf – all by hand. The letters of your name will be in black ‘Moon Palace’ ink, which makes a fabulous contrast with the pretty floral wreath illustration in shades of blue and pink with lush foliage.

Calligraphy illustration print amelia1
Calligraphy illustration print amelia05
Calligraphy illustration print amelia2