Learning to slow it down

I can feel my calligraphy style beginning to change – my influences are evolving and so is my lettering.

The thing is, you always learn. With calligraphy there’s never a ‘perfect’. Fashions and styles change, and there are so many styles out there, there’s always another which tempts me.

So I’ve been watching videos by master calligrapher Paul Antonio, by Suzanne Cunningham and by Ashok Giri. These guys write slowly and beautifully, and in more traditional styles.

And even as I write modern letters, I’m slowing down and thinking more while I write. The temptation with modern calligraphy is to rush things. And while a wayward stroke or two doesn’t matter so much in this style, a carefully planned, uncrushed wayward stroke can make all the difference.

Come and learn modern calligraphy with me!

Upcoming calligraphy workshop dates:

21st June – brush pen lettering in Manchester https://etsy.me/2WMzqAQ

5th July – modern calligraphy in Manchester https://etsy.me/2FfwXUG 

6th August – modern calligraphy and brush pen lettering in Cumbria https://bit.ly/2KZFuP6

17th August – intermediate modern calligraphy in Manchester https://etsy.me/2N5niqe

7th September – modern calligraphy and brush pen lettering in Cheshire https://bit.ly/2WYm1Vm

11th October – absolute beginners modern calligraphy in Manchester https://etsy.me/2Fu2MJF

30th November – Christmas calligraphy workshop in Manchester https://etsy.me/2MVkR9A