A modern version of ‘Bless This House’ – and the perfect Christmas gift available now

Christmas brings families closer, and is the perfect time of year to give a sentimental gift to your loved ones. The words from a Muppets’ Christmas Carol are wonderful – I couldn’t resist writing them in calligraphy on this beautifully illustrated print by Amy Swann. We’re selling copies at an introductory price of only £18, and you can order yours today in time for Christmas.

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Illustrated calligraphy print031

Bless us all,
who gather here
The loving family
I hold dear
No place
on earth compares with
and every path
will bring me back
from where I roam

Illustrated calligraphy print032
Illustrated calligraphy print042

With beautiful images by the fabulous Melissa Beattie Photography
Illustration by the incredible Amy Swann

Illustrated calligraphy print029