Please order your wedding place names in time!

A tiny little blog today, as I have a last minute wedding place name order to write and send. I’ve also got two calligraphy poems and a family tree on my work desk, so only a few minutes spare to write! However – I have a really important message for couples looking for wedding place names.

Please order your place cards nice and early!

I’ve just had to decline an order for some powder blue wedding place names, and I’m gutted – they’re such a lovely colour and it’s been a while since I’ve written any. But my customer was in the US and she’d left it too late for me to guarantee delivery.

So when should you order wedding place names?

Ideally, aim for delivery at least a week before your wedding day.

If you can, please order your wedding place names (and any on-the-day signage) three to four weeks before your wedding. This gives me time to order in any card if my stocks are low. Then I can write your calligraphy, package everything beautifully for you and pop it in the post knowing you’ll have it in plenty of time for your wedding.

Delivery is quick if you live in the UK. For UK customers, I use tracked postal services which take a couple of days.

While Royal Mail / USPS say they’ll deliver to US addresses within 5-7 working days, in reality it can be 15 working days for my calligraphy place names to fly across the sea, hop through customs and land on American doorsteps in time for weddings. If you’re in the US, allow a minimum of 3-4 weeks for your place names. I’ll always use tracked delivery services, but customs isn’t a speedy process! (I’ve no idea why. My parcels are paper!)

Order place names and on-the-day signage together

I have a very exciting order on the horizon for some fabulous bright orange place names and a welcome sign to match… I can’t wait to write these! If you need a wedding welcome sign, order of the day or timeline, please order at the same time as you order your place names.

One last thing – remember your table names / numbers!

If there’s one thing people forget when it comes to wedding stationery and on-the-day signage, it’s table name cards. These are a lovely quick order for me to write in calligraphy for you, but do allow me time to order in the card from my supplier. It takes 3 days – 1 week to arrive (I buy from a sustainable UK paper mill). Table names or numbers look gorgeous in little wooden holders or nkuku frames!

elegant wedding signage with hand calligraphy by Claire Gould