There’s nothing quite like seeing a massive grin on your mum’s face, is there? (Oh, apart from when she gets the giggles so bad she can’t speak for three minutes – that’s amazing…)

We think we might have just the thing to paste that huge smile on your mum’s face this Christmas. Or, four things! Five! (I always forget one!)

Let me explain…

I’m talking about family trees of course. If your mum – or your auntie, or grandma, dad, uncle, grandad – treasures family, then they’re the perfect gifts.

The joy comes in small doses: on Christmas Day when Mum’s opening prezzies and there’s that intrigued moment of ‘What could this be?’ – she expects a print. Perhaps it’s a photo of flowers, or a big quote for the wall…

… and then she sees a name or two, and recognises the names, and pulls away the rest of the wrapping paper and her name’s at the top of a tree, beautifully written and surrounded by all of your names, even the people she loves who aren’t in the room right now.

And that’s a kind of magic you can ONLY get from a family tree print.

That little dose of Christmas Day joy evolves into something really special a week later, when you’ve all gone home and she’s wandering through to the kitchen. She catches sight of her new family tree on the wall. It makes her smile because it’s colourful and summery. She stops to see all the names, and even though you’re not there to see it this time, she’s smiling.

Every day, a little dose of joy from a really special family tree on Mum’s wall.

If you’re smiling along with me now, a family tree could be the perfect gift for your Mum (or other special family person!! See above!) Choose from:

festive family tree print