Family tree gifts everyone can afford!

Christmas gifting is an art form; you save your pennies, you shop around, you find amazing little businesses and you match the recipient with the maker and BOOM! You’ve got a brilliant little gift match for someone. Well bloody done you, you little star!

It’s nice to avoid tech gifting!

The internet would have us all believe we’re supposed to buy our best people the latest Samsung or iPhone on Black Friday exactly. And it won’t be on offer, but the thing you don’t quite want will be on offer in the same shop, and you’ll be magically herded towards making the buying decision some big dude in a Gucci suit wants you to make. And BAM! Your partner gets a new phone and you get a new credit card for Christmas.

Shop small, feel lovely

My little family trees start from £29 on Not On The High St. It felt important to me, during the (whispers:) pandemic – that I offer price points everyone can afford. And so the classic family tree in my shop is really affordable at £29.

If you have a few more pennies to spend, my gold foil family tree starts at £44 – and this is for a hand-finished, beautifully embossed SHINY family tree with calligraphy. If you save £11 a week, you can buy it in 4 weeks. If you save £5.50 a week, it’s yours in 8 weeks. Oh, and did you know you can now use Klarna to spread your payments on Not On The High St?

My happiest of family trees, the one lovely Amy Swann painted back in 2015, starts at £55 on Not On The High St. I love the idea of this being a special gift “from all of us” – so club together with your brothers and sisters, have us frame your family tree and send it as a really special Christmas present! If you have 4 siblings and under 10 names on your tree, you’ll all spend £25 or so! WIN!

Let’s just put that into context for you:

A family tree for your parent(s) so all of your names are on their wall, looking beautiful, as a forever family heirloom, can cost just £55. Isn’t that a lovely friendly price point for something so special?

Here are some other things you can buy for £55:

(all prices correct at time of writing!)