Ever wish you’d published a blog post seven years ago? Me too! So it’s about time I showed you how easy it is to order a family tree from By Moon & Tide. Ready?

We’ve been making and writing beautiful family trees for seven years! We sold our first on Not On The High St. back in 2015, and we’ve loved making these ever since!

So much so, that we’ve now got SIX different family trees in different styles and most importantly, at different price points so more of you lovely people can afford them – or afford to splash out on a really special gift for a milestone birthday or big family Christmas.

I’ll show you some photos of the finished family trees first.

From the top (top left if you’re reading this on a wider screen) they are:

  1. Cheerful family tree
  2. Modern family tree
  3. Festive family tree
  4. Classic family tree
  5. Joyful family tree
  6. Traditional family tree

How to order family trees!

We’ve been selling these designs for almost a decade, and over the years we’ve perfected the ordering process to make it super easy for you!

As Not On The High St. partners, we have a simple online order process for every family tree.

Each one has a limit to how many names you can include:

  • Up to 12 names: festive family tree
  • Up to 20 names: modern family tree
  • Up to 24 names: classic family tree
  • Up to 25 names: cheerful family tree
  • Up to 50 names: joyful family tree
  • Up to 100 names: traditional family tree

When you’ve chosen the perfect design to fit your family tree, you’re ready to order!

Ordering a small family tree

For each of our smaller family trees, you can scroll through the images to find a numbered layout. They look like this:

Use this to plan out your family tree – if you can, print out a copy and scribble names on there so you can see roughly how it will look.

Then head to the Not On The High Street product page. Select the number of names you’ll need on your tree, and then add your names in the options when you order.

How to order a larger family tree

If you have a large family, or if you want to go back a few generations, a family tree diagram shows who’s who.

Our Joyful Family Tree is perfect for younger families with up to 50 names; if you have more, and prefer a traditional design, we recommend a Traditional family tree.

For each of these, you can simply place your order online and wait for us to get in touch! (Within 24 hours, Monday – Friday)

We’ll ask you to explain who’s who in your family.

If you can sketch out a layout and upload a photo of your sketch, that’s perfect!

Perhaps you’ve already done some family tree research. We’re happy to work with PDFs generated from Ancestry.co.uk, or any documents you have in Word, jpeg or PDF formats.

We will ALWAYS send a proof of your family tree to approve before we begin the calligraphy work. In the case of our Traditional Family Tree, which includes birth and death dates, locations (if you wish) and more, we’ll send as many proofs as you need.

Ordering a family tree: frequently asked questions

  1. If the family tree images on Not On The High Street aren’t displaying clearly, get in touch with us at By Moon & Tide.
    On any product page, scroll down to where it says ‘Contact Seller’ and send us a message – we’ll be happy to help.
    If you’ve found this blog page, you can also email hello@bymoonandtide.co.uk and we’ll reply within 24 hours.
  2. You don’t have to put a name in every space! If you want to use spaces 4, 7 and 12 rather than 1, 2 and 3, just leave the others blank.
    And don’t worry: there’s a real life human being processing every order, not a computer – we’ll work out your family tree layout together!
  3. If you want one, we’ll send a proof for you to check layouts and spellings.
    One proof per order – unless you need to make massive changes, in which case we’ll use our discretion and send another.
  4. The digital proof you receive will be typed. Don’t worry: your final family tree will always be hand written in beautiful modern calligraphy.
  5. We have occasionally been asked to add robins and doves to our family trees to indicate family members who have passed away. Please don’t be shy to ask, if this is something you’d like to add to your design.
  6. Oh, and don’t forget your much loved furry family members! Barney and Fluff should most definitely be included!

Framing your family tree

Each of our family trees can be framed. We use a lovely bare oak frame, with gallery quality acrylic glazing.

For the Christmas tree design, you can choose a slimline gold frame if you prefer.

Having your family tree framed will add to the price – we add the cost of the frame itself, and a little extra to cover postage.

Why don’t we use glass in our frames?

We want your family tree to arrive in perfect condition. The acrylic glazing won’t crack or shatter – and that makes it safe to send in the post.

Simply ‘having’ a family tree is only a part of what we do for you at By Moon & Tide. We believe the experience of ordering your family tree should be a pleasure, and stress free! So we’ll take care of you all the way, answering any questions you might have.

Our smooth process and years of experience writing family trees for people just like you mean it’s simple to have a family tree made.

Please do ask us anything you’d like to – we’re always happy to help.