The joys of spring, calligraphy styley!

If I wasn’t an optimist, I don’t know how I’d do February! But I’m felling all the joys of spring and so excited for the month ahead. We have birthday secret surprise adventures aplenty (two MAJOR birthdays in our family this month) and lots of calligraphy projects I’ve been a busy bee with in Jan are just about ready to share! 

A collaboration with my extraordinarily talented friend Amy Swann – bespoke wedding invitations

First on my schedule is my new Etsy wedding shop launch. I set up my Etsy store in *goes to check* 2013!! So we’re seven… and need a bit of a refresh because some of my oldest products have been on there for quite a few years now! Lots of goodies are currently floating around my calligraphy studio, and I’m excited to get them in the shop! 

Then there are workshop plans to finalise: I’ve got full-day calligraphy workshops in Coniston and Nantwich to plan for, and my Manchester calligraphy classes are almost fully booked (a couple of places left in April; March is sold out). So I’m really excited for those!

I’m pretty good with work-life balance these days, so weekends and evenings are spent notworking. (I love how my phone automatically changes that to networking, because it knows I’m on instagram and generally talking about calligraphy and weddings… haha.) But no – weekends and evenings are perfect crafting time, and I have lots of little projects on the go with the latest being clay coasters and dried flowers. Somehow, they WILL go together. No idea how… any tips?!

While it’s chilly outside I’m totally still nesting. Every now and then we head out to the beach to get all windswept and red-cheeked, and then come in, bang the fire on and snuggle with a hug mug full of hot chocolate. Or a whiskey. (Anyone tried Smokehead?) So yeah – spring’s in the air, but I’m sure we’re still to see snow, and there’s no way I’m stashing my jumpers away just yet!

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To see all my crafting failures, watch my Instagram stories! They’re bound to happen… and I believe in keeping it real on there, so I post everything, even the less successful experiments!