From basic modern calligraphy lettering to a loose, organic style

Do you have your heart set on learning a specific style of calligraphy? If so, you’re not alone. So many of the lovely people I’ve taught at my Manchester calligraphy workshops are there because they’ve seen a style of lettering they love, and want to learn to write exactly like that.

The trendiest style of modern calligraphy – as I write this article in the late summer of 2017 – is loose, flowing and organic. It’s a beautiful style to read and to write – and if you come to my workshop I can certainly teach you how it’s done. Mastering a style like this takes a little longer and involves plenty of practice.

The basic modern calligraphy style was really popular in 2015 / 16. Simple, shapely letters with a contrasting thick and thin flow and a steady rhythm featured at every wedding and in every brand of artisan jam!

This is still the style I begin my calligraphy workshops with today. It’s easy to learn and a great way to become familiar with your new calligraphy pen. It’s also a fantastic stepping-stone to go on and learn a more raw organic style from.

The difference between the two is not in the letters themselves: it’s in the spacing between and in the lightness and curve of the joining strokes.

There’s no shortcut to learning an organic modern calligraphy style. You need to understand how your pen flexes and bends, and to gain the confidence to form a hairline-thin, sweeping stroke first. This comes with time.

Then all you need to do is experiment with long, free and curvaceous joining strokes to achieve a perfectly on-trend, modern organic calligraphy style.

Join me for a modern calligraphy workshop in Manchester!

Friday 6th October, 1pm – Manchester Craft & Design Centre – tickets £65
Friday 20th October, 10am – Anthony Burgess Foundation – tickets £30*
Saturday 21st October, 10am – Anthony Burgess Foundation – tickets £30*
Friday 24th November, 1pm – Manchester Craft & Design Centre – tickets £65

*Workshop only price – calligraphy kits will be available to purchase on the day.

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