Raw Romanticism featured on Rock My Wedding Blog

I woke up this morning to a flood of Instagram tags and Facebook mentions because of this beautiful shoot I was involved in earlier this year. It’s always such a treat to see my calligraphy on Rock My Wedding. Experimenting with banana leaf paper was wonderful – it’s a beautiful surface to write on and allowed me to challenge myself and my nibs! The dusky pink ink worked beautifully and I love the images Agnes Black created of my work.

The full feature is here: Raw Romanticism on Rock My Wedding. Feature writer Fern loved the styling and look of the shoot: “We are so lucky at RMW to receive the most beautiful shoots in the business, so much so that I often feel at a loss for words when it comes to the describing the styling. The colours, the textures and the attention to detail in this stunner from Louise at One Stylish Day are just SO beyond any waffle I can spout up here. If you’re a pastel lover, but want to use these shades in a modern, sophisticated way – then this is how to do it.”

The calligraphy on the cake and cookies is by Rachel Hanna, cake designer at Marie Anoinette Cakes. Rachel attended one of my modern calligraphy workshops in Manchester last year. She’d already experimented with writing on cakes and wanted to explore lettering in more detail.

During the class we looked at the shapes of letters: where to include a thick stroke and where the finer hairlines should be. When writing on wedding cakes or recreating calligraphy lettering with a pen the crucial skill to master is the flow of lettering. Joining strokes are just as important as the letters themselves: they should flow beautifully, smoothly and with effortless-looking curves rather than corners.

It’s so nice to see Rachel’s lettering as a part of this shoot, and I’m looking forward to teaching a little more about lettering on cakes this Friday! (my first calligraphy class of the year, and I’m so excited!)

Photography by Agnes Black