Rustic elegance {portfolio}

Delicate lettering in gold and apricot tones; watercolour paper, the finest gold thread.

Images: Melissa Beattie Photography | Styled by Louise

Elegant calligraphy-127 Elegant calligraphy-128 Elegant calligraphy-129 Elegant calligraphy-130 Elegant calligraphy-131 Elegant calligraphy-132 Elegant calligraphy-133 Elegant calligraphy-134 Elegant calligraphy-135 Elegant calligraphy-15 Elegant calligraphy-18 Elegant calligraphy-25 Elegant calligraphy-53 Elegant calligraphy-54 Elegant calligraphy-58 Elegant calligraphy-62 Elegant calligraphy-63 Elegant calligraphy-65 Elegant calligraphy-67 Elegant calligraphy-68 Elegant calligraphy-96 Elegant calligraphy-100 Elegant calligraphy-113 Elegant calligraphy-115 Elegant calligraphy-117 Elegant calligraphy-120 Elegant calligraphy-121 Elegant calligraphy-122 Elegant calligraphy-123



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