Essential supplies for modern calligraphy – day 7 and beyond

Once you know you’ll keep practising, it’s worth getting a few extra supplies – so I recommend making learning calligraphy fun with:

  1. coloured inks
  2. coloured papers – especially dark
  3. different nibs
  4. a book – try my Introduction to Modern Calligraphy, or Nib & Ink, or Modern Calligraphy Workshop

Read my article about making practice fun, where I explain a little more about all of these – and don’t be afraid to experiment!

Modern calligraphy isn’t about making the perfect shapes on your page. It’s about exploring an art form, trying something new and finding your own personality through your writing.

So if you’re a rose-gold on black kind of person, this is how you should practise… be a little flamboyant, spoil yourself, and pop to the shops with gold ink all over your hands and face! You’re a calligrapher now…

All images by Jenny Jones Photography

Making your calligraphy practice fun!

I hate letter drills. Writing pages of a single letter isn’t for me – I think focusing to that extent is counter productive, to be honest. So I challenge myself to practise modern calligraphy in a fun way.

Image credit: Zehra Photographer

I use colour – it brightens my desk and changes the look of my letters. Writing in black ink on white paper is meh. Writing in a metallic pink on black card changes everything.

Image credit: Zehra Photographer

And I don’t practise letters. I practise words. Quotes are great, song lyrics are better – especially if you play Spotify in the background as you write. A single phrase, song title or line from a chorus becomes a gorgeous piece of calligraphy art – and the motivation to practise more! Here’s how –

  1. Choose your song lyric
  2. Find your best dark A4 paper and a bright calligraphy ink
  3. Draw a rectangle in pencil on the page – about the same size as your phone
  4. Write. Keep the entire phrase inside that rectangle if you can, leaving a wide border around the edge
  5. Find a cheap frame, and frame your lyrics!
  6. Give them to a friend, parent, sibling, lover… see how special a gift your lettering can be!
Image credit: Zehra Photographer

Find coloured card in any high street art shop, and buy inks from my online store at