Sneaky peek! Colourful family trees coming soon!

I’ve been as quiet as a little mouse this January. Happily I can tell you why… I’ve been scampering up this brand new family tree! Not only this one… I have seven(ish) more family trees in production behind the scenes!

Everyone should be able to have their own family tree. They’re not just for rich folks (although I’ve written a few fancy family trees too!) or posh folks (not so much, haha) – I am on a mission to make family trees affordable, fun and bloody beautiful.

So I thought I’d share a quick sneaky peek of my first new family tree. It’s called “Our Grandchildren” because lots of my customers in the past have bought calligraphy family trees for their grandmas and grandads.

More excitingly, (I know! How is that possible?! We’re all toppling off our chairs already! But hear me out…) these family trees have a little element of ‘make it at home’. You get the tree (framed or unframed) which will be a print, hand finished in shiny gold. And then – thrillingly – you get a little box, bag or tube* of tiny scrolls with all of your names on. These will have double sided tape on the back, so you can shuffle them into the right positions on the tree before removing the tape and voilĂ !

Ooh. I wasn’t expecting to finish with a voilĂ , but it did make it sound more exciting.

So! These are on my production line at the moment. I’m waiting for a less shitty day to be able to take some decent photos. – It’s grim up north right now! – and then I’ll get them in my online shop ready for all your grandmas’ and grandads’ birthdays!

When’s it February by the way? January went oooooooonnnn…..

Claire xx

*I just haven’t decided yet!