Our favourite luxury calligraphy gift set!

If you’re buying a modern calligraphy set this Christmas, pop your ears in our direction for a sec? This little beauty is our favourite calligraphy set, and we think you’ll love it.

We’ve gone all out on the gift boxing, with a luxurious A4 box in 4 colour choices, gold letters on the front and a sophisticated ribbon tie.

Inside, a carefully curated selection of calligraphy goodies – everything you’ll need to get started with modern calligraphy.

There’s a luxury pen holder, a tried-and-trusted beginners calligraphy nib, and a pot of dippy ink* for you to dive right into!

We’re proud of our full colour calligraphy exercise book in this luxury kit. It’s unique; a pretty A4 sized booklet you can write in, with alphabet examples, quotes and phrases, and tons of tips to help you begin your modern calligraphy adventures!

All of our calligraphy students from our live classes have told us it’s a huge help to watch someone write. New for 2022, we’ve included links to our online video tutorials – secret pages of our website where you can download extra calligraphy worksheets and watch videos of our calligrapher Claire writing snippets of calligraphy. (The flow of the pen and the bounce of the nib is mesmerising, be warned!)

We hope you’ll love our luxury calligraphy set, which you can buy today from Not On The High Street and in our Etsy shop.

We have 5 modern calligraphy sets in our collection! Click this link to compare all our calligraphy sets and choose your favourite!

*our dippy ink isn’t vegan, but if you’d prefer a vegan ink we’ll be happy to switch that for you – you’ll be given a choice when you order online.

All images in this blog post by creative product photographer and stylist Marion Botella Photography.