A total revamp – new calligraphy website design

My working life lies somewhere between graphic design and the wedding industry – the happiest place I can imagine working. Between the ever-changing world of bridal fashion trends and innovations in type and technology, my mind is flooded with so much newness I find I’m changing my calligraphy website pretty much every 12 months or so!

the long sunny days of June caused a little gap between calligraphy orders so I had time to review my website – and it was missing focus and clarity. So I’ve redesigned the menus to make it easier for you to find my printed or bespoke invitations, or to discover more about my modern calligraphy workshops.

I’ve also updated the visuals with beautiful photography by Kathryn Hopkins, Jenny Jones, Verona Lain, Camilla Lucinda and Inbetween Days – amazing creatives I’ve had the pleasure of working with this year.

I hope you love the new look! My net project will be dozens of new calligraphy ideas in my Etsy shop.

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