Behind the scenes – what a calligrapher actually does!

This last week has been fairly light on calligraphy orders as I booked 3 days off for my birthday and to spend some time with my mum visiting my sister, her husband and our adorable little nephew. The in-between times were spent replying to email enquiries, writing family trees and posting calligraphy supplies to customers from my Etsy shop.

Photo credit: Jenny Jones Photography

Not every calligraphy order is bespoke or handwritten – I enjoy mixing my own inks and began selling them in 2017. Wednesday was spent mixing shades of grey and metallic inks for new customers and preparing calligraphy kits for more lovely Etsy shoppers.


Credit: Jenny Jones Photography

I was super happy to sell two sets of my modern wedding invitations on Not On The High Street this week – Adam ordered a bespoke version of ‘Modern Scribe‘ and Anna chose ‘Fashionista‘ – both lovely suites designed and launched back in January. Invitations are really competitive – so many wedding stationers struggle to get their businesses off the ground so I’m thrilled to see sales picking up for our new collections.

I’m looking forward to developing my lettering in the coming months – basic ‘modern calligraphy’ is slowly fading in popularity and brides and grooms are looking for unique and elegant lettering, so I plan to spend some time studying more elaborate lettering, flourishes and romantic calligraphy forms. Watch this space!

Photo credit: Catharine Noble Photography

We’re almost fully booked for the modern calligraphy workshop in Manchester on the 26th of May (Saturday) – but there are still a couple of places left, and they’re only £52 now. To find out more and book your place, visit my Etsy shop –