Manchester calligraphy workshop at Ziferblat, August 2018

It’s been a busy summer, and the warm months have really flown by! A few weeks back I was at a new location, Ziferblat – a genius concept cafe and workspace in the heart of the northern quarter. Teaching in their classroom was fantastic – the space for students to write is wonderful; the rollover blackboard lived up to my dreams (although chalk BREAKS all the time… which was actually quite funny).

Lovely Mahwish, who came to a previous class held at the Craft & Design Centre, came along to take some photos on the day. I love them – they capture the very studious nature of this class! I’m sure we’ll be back at Ziferblat again, and I have my eyes on their gorgeous dining room for a more intimate session in 2019. For now though, here are Mahwish’s photos of the day. I hope they give you an intriguing sneak peek behind the scenes of a modern calligraphy class!

Huge thanks to Mahwish for being an absolute superstar, helping me hand out all the inks and worksheets on the day and generally being a brilliant human being. Please visit her Etsy shop Bohemian Drifters when you’re Christmas shopping… she makes the loveliest boho gemstone jewellery and her cushions are stunning!

Next calligraphy workshops are:

Friday 7th September

Saturday 20th October

Friday 7th December

A little more info about my summer calligraphy workshop

I went down to Manchester the other day to check out Ziferblat (and do some birthday shopping for my man) – and without a shadow of a doubt, if I lived closer to Manchester I’d be working from their comfy mega-living-room at least one day a week.

Ziferblat’s classroom is where my next modern calligraphy workshop will happen. It’s easy to get to, with plenty of space for lots of calligraphers (I mean you!) – I’m really excited to be running a class in there!

Ziferblat, it turns out, is a genius place for self employed and creative folks to get shit done. It’s practically next door to the Craft & Design Centre, and you instantly feel welcome from the moment you arrive.

On a normal visit you’re greeted at the door by a lovely person who’ll explain, in a nutshell, how the biscuits work (They write your name down and what time you got there, you wander off and drink coffee with cakes or whatever, then you pay for the minutes you’ve spent there on your way out.

On the day of the calligraphy workshop, the classroom at Ziferblat will be set out ready for us with tea / coffee, biscuits etc laid out for us. You could also grab a cake or a sandwich from Ziferblat’s selection on the way in.

Ziferblat hosts (they’re all lovely friendly people) will show you to the classroom when you arrive. I’ll be the one by the blackboard, chalk in hand, playing teacher – I can’t wait!! – We’ll each have a desk (it’s properly like school!) and I’ll set up my little pop up shop so you can buy a pen & nib to take home if you fall in love with calligraphy!

Anything you eat or drink during the class is included in the ticket price of the workshop. Yes – once you’ve bought your ticket it’s all free until the end of the class! And if you’d like to stay for a coffee after the workshop, simply check in at the main desk, grab a comfy chair and enjoy the Ziferblat vibe!

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