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Free wedding calligraphy samples in the UK

At this time of year I get a lot of requests for different samples, of place cards, different colour inks, different lettering styles for envelopes and more.

quirky alternative calligraphy

Calligraphy cards and heading for a DIY wedding table plan

UK calligrapher

Calligraphy close up

silver calligraphy

Handwritten calligraphy cards in silver on black

calligrapher UK

Wedding table plan cards calligraphy

I’ve been sending samples to the wedding magazines this week, and I would love to send you some too! Both Brides and You & Your Wedding have been looking for calligraphy samples, so it’s exciting to know calligraphy is so popular!

Request your free wedding calligraphy sample at www.Calligraphy-for-Weddings.com.
See more examples of wedding place cards here: http://calligraphy-for-weddings.com/place-card-calligraphy/
and find out more about ordering calligraphy for your own wedding on the official Calligraphy for Weddings website.

pearlescent wedding invitation calligraphy

Pearlescent wedding invitation calligraphy

These lovely wedding invitations are printed on pearlescent card, and looked fabulous with guest names in calligraphy.

pearlescent wedding invitation calligraphy

Pearlescent wedding invitations with handwritten calligraphy

Wherever possible I ask to see a sample wedding invitation, envelope or wedding place card before an order is placed.

Pearlescent surfaces and calligraphy

Pearlescent surfaces can be unsuitable for calligraphy – while these cards were of a high quality and the coating took the calligraphy ink nicely, sometimes a shiny card can be difficult to write on: the ink may not sink into the card, and can spread or bead.

If you have pearlescent wedding invitations, do enquire about calligraphy nice and early so your calligrapher can test a sample.

Wedding calligraphy samples

If you’re a wedding stationery business and you’d like to know if your cards are suitable for calligraphy, we’ll be happy to write a sample for you. Email hello@calligraphy-for-weddings.com and ask!

The invitation above was written in black sumi ink in Spencerian calligraphy script.

More about wedding invitation calligraphy


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