NEW! Brush pen beginners workshop in Cheshire!

Brush lettering is the playful, super trendy little sister of modern calligraphy – and I’ll be teaching a brush pen calligraphy workshop in Cheshire on the afternoon of Saturday 2nd November. Come and join me!

brush pen lettering for beginners nantwich cheshire
Nantwich // 02.11.2019 // Click for details

The brush pen calligraphy workshop is for absolute beginners – so if you want to get started with a really fun and creative hobby, it’s perfect!

We’ll look at how brush pen lettering works; how to make beautiful letters without damaging the fragile tips of the calligraphy brush pens, and learn a pretty alphabet. Plus, we’ll play with colours – writing in sunrise and sunset colours to produce pretty quotes and wall hangings.

The workshop will be relaxed and friendly – it’s a cosy, creative space at The Little Paper Shop and I love teaching there!

We’re there all day – if you’d like to make a day of it why not come along for my introduction to modern calligraphy in the morning?

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Calligraphy workshop success!

Last weekend I taught two modern calligraphy workshops at The Little Paper Shop in Nantwich, Cheshire. They were so much fun!

In the morning we made cards with owls and lovely quotes to give to mothers, daughters, friends and new granddaughters! And we wrote some fantastic framed motivational quotes.

The afternoon was filled with rainbow calligraphy, making friends and learning a lot about babies and toddlers (they wee in flower pots in banks! So funny!)

Huge thanks to everyone who came and made it such a fun day. You were all FANTASTIC!! And of course thank you lovely Cara, Aga and Camilla from The Little Paper Shop. Your little world is just wonderful.

I can’t wait to come back in September for more. Join me on 7th September for modern calligraphy in the morning and brush lettering in the afternoon!

Tickets via The Little Paper Shop here đŸ™‚Â Workshops: The Little Paper Shop