I've been teaching modern calligraphy since 2014. I've taught hundreds of absolute beginners the joys of swooshing and swirling a modern calligraphy pen. Being able to share that delight in creating letters as art is one of my favourite things.

I had some workshops scheduled for 2020; while lockdown is still in place, and while the future is uncertain, I am not promoting any workshops for the time being. I hope we'll be back in September - but only time will tell. Workshops will be listed here when they recommence.

In the meantime, I sell 3 different modern calligraphy kits for absolute beginners, and I also have a six online calligraphy workshops which are available free of charge while we are under lockdown.

letterbox calligraphy gift set

Letterbox calligraphy gift set

My newest modern calligraphy set - a beautifully presented, personalised modern calligraphy letterbox gift set with penholder, 2 nibs, ink, gift tags, worksheets and a personalised gift card. This calligraphy set is unique and makes a really special personalised letterbox gift.

All included in your beautiful gift box are:

Calligraphy penholder, 2 nibs and ink palette with mixing brush

Quick start guide and alphabet example

Secret code to access over 100 pages of printable calligraphy worksheets

A little gift card, personalised by hand in calligraphy

4 mini gift tags, one personalised and 3 blank

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Ultimate modern calligraphy set

With more than 100 pages of PRINTABLE worksheets, tips and instructions! (Worksheets must be downloaded and printed at home - they're not included in the kit.)

This calligraphy kit is perfect for beginners. With the printable worksheets you can practice as often as you like - until your letters are perfect! There’s no limit to how many times you can print out each of the exercises.

The kit itself includes:

  • sleek, straight penholder
  • 2 of my favourite nibs
  • smooth black calligraphy ink
  • a motivational quote - handwritten by me!
  • a personalised gift tag
  • A5 black box to keep everything inside
  • Quick Start Guide (printed; 1 x A4 sheet)
  • Scannable QR code, web address and secret password to access your worksheets

The printable worksheets include 7 days worth of tutorials, exercises and tips to progress your calligraphy. You’ll learn elegant swirls and how to master your pen and nib. There are alphabets and alternative styles.

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The original personalised modern calligraphy set

A gorgeous calligraphy kit and book with everything you need to learn the art of beautiful modern lettering!

We've included everything you could possibly need in this beautiful quality beginners calligraphy kit, including a gorgeous colour exercise book full of advice, letters to copy and practice, alphabets and examples. There's even a personalised journal with your name in gold hand calligraphy on the cover.

This kit gives you so much more than most: a calligraphy instruction and exercise book, a dip pen and ink, your very own personalised journal, high quality nib, gridlined paper sheets and blank gift tags. The book includes an introduction to using a modern calligraphy pen, simple exercises, alphabet examples, hints and tips on common mistakes, tips for writing on mirrors, chalkboards and windows!

The kit is securely packaged, and includes a lovely presentation box so you can keep all of your calligraphy bits and pieces inside. A unique, popular calligraphy set for beginners, this kit is presented with the greatest attention to detail and makes a perfect gift for anyone of a crafty persuasion!

This kit comes in a black, grey, white or natural kraft box, each with a shiny gold label and ribbon.

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Online calligraphy workshops

My online modern calligraphy workshop is FREE while we're all stuck indoors and self-isolating.

We filmed these a few years ago - in my dining room with lovely Paul Kyte behind the camera and my cat under the table!

I'm really proud of this online calligraphy course and I hope you find it relaxing, therapeutic and enjoyable.

modern online calligraphy workshop with Claire by Moon and Tide

There are 6 tutorials in total. They'll take you from your very first dip of the pen into your ink pot, through to joining up letters and writing beautiful calligraphy quotes.

At a glance: see all of the online calligraphy tutorials in the series:

Tutorial 1 - lines & loops
Tutorial 2 - first letters
Tutorial 3 - lower case alphabets & first words
Tutorial 4 - the beautiful side of capital letters!
Tutorial 5 - curls, curves and common mistakes + the gallery
Tutorial 6 - brush lettering, working in colour + suppliers

Each has a video for you to play and worksheets for you to download and print at home.

To get started you will need a POINTED calligraphy pen - a Nikko G nib and oblique penholder is ideal - some calligraphy ink and a home printer with decent (100gsm) paper. That's all.

Start here:


I'd like to introduce you to calligraphy as a mindful activity: there's something really calming about the nib's dance across a page... do try it!

With love, claire gould calligrapher