Join me in beautiful Nantwich on the 21st of April for an intimate, friendly and fun modern calligraphy workshop in another favourite venue.

In this modern calligraphy class at The Little Paper Shop in Nantwich you’ll discover everything you need to know to make magic come out of a calligraphy pen.
We’ll start with assembling a pen and spooning up ink. We’ll make flowy, swirly shapes and then letters and words. You’ll be shown how, with demonstrations at every stage of the process.

This calligraphy workshop is tailored to beginners who wish to explore the art of writing with a pointed pen.

You’ll learn the basics of modern calligraphy like how to work with a pointed nib and care for your writing tools.

Your course fee includes refreshments, and a specially curated starter kit that includes :

penholder + nib
worksheets, guide sheets and examples!
The class is held in our purpose built creative studio space in the pretty market town of Nantwich, in the heart of Cheshire. Each workshop is intentionally kept small for optimal attention given to each participant.

Level: Beginner
Venue: The Little Paper Shop, 56 Hospital Street, Nantwich, Cheshire, CW5 5RP
Price: £65


  • how to hold your calligraphy pen correctly to get the very best out of your lettering
  • how to create beautiful hairline strokes and gorgeous thick swells with your calligraphy pen
  • how to write a simple alphabet in your own modern calligraphy style
  • how to join letters to create pretty calligraphy quotes
  • which papers and inks are best for modern calligraphy practice at home
  • how to make your calligraphy practice sessions at home really fun and creative

At the end of your modern calligraphy workshop you’ll have an opportunity to buy colourful inks, alternative nibs and pretty penholders to make your future calligraphy adventures even more exciting!

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