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Did you find this website while browsing your internet history? Boys: clearly your wife-to-be has a thing about calligraphy. So how about surprising her on your wedding day with one of your wedding readings handwritten in our beautiful calligraphy? Our calligrapher writes full poems, song lyrics or romantic quotes in beautiful hand lettering, and these commissions make wonderful gifts.

quote about love and science

“Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love” – Einstein

Calligraphy poems for wedding gifts

Girls – don’t worry: calligraphy is for everyone! We’ve written some lovely wedding day poems and even wedding vows as gifts for brides and grooms. If you would like any of those precious words from your wedding day beautifully displayed in your home, we can help.

calligraphy poem

About our calligraphy poems

Our calligraphy poems are all entirely handwritten with metal nibs. Most include 24 carat gold leaf (we also have real silver) for decorative initial letters. We can create a design to include romantic roses, timeless swirly border illustrations and colours of your choice.

Calligraphy Poem Gallery

  • calligraphy art love bears all things
  • depth-and-breadth-and-height-calligraphy-art
  • grunge-calligraphy-art-about-love
  • grungey-calligraphy-gilding-calligrapher-art
  • grungey-calligraphy-love-quote
  • grungey-calligraphy-word-art-love
  • I-love-you-to-the-depth-calligraphy-gilding
  • Love-poem-grungey-calligraphy-art
  • calligraphy-art-love-calligrapher
  • calligraphy-art-pink-love-bears-all-things
  • Love-bears-all-things-calligraphy-art
  • Love-bears-all-things-endures-all-things-calligraphy
  • Love-calligraphy-art-by-wedding-callligrapher
  • calligraphy-art-blue-on-black-silver-leaf
  • calligraphy-art-blue-silver-close-up
  • calligraphy-art-energy-life-blue
  • calligraphy-art-original-gift
  • calligraphy-art-silver-leaf-grunge-heart
  • silver-leaf-heart-calligraphy-art
  • calligraphy-art-parachutes-gilding
  • calligraphy-art-with-gilding-parachutes
  • calligraphy-quote-art-black-original
  • minds-like-parachutes-calligraphy-art
  • calligraphy-art-somewhere-over-the-rainbow
  • over-the-rainbow-calligraphy-art
  • rainbow-calligraphy-art-quote
  • somewhere-over-rainbow-calligraphy-art
  • somewhere-over-the-rainbow-calligrapher-art
  • somewhere-over-the-rainbow-calligraphy-art
  • calligraphy-art-sunshine-gilding
  • calligraphy-art-sunshine-original
  • calligraphy-art-you-are-my-sunshine
  • you-are-my-sunshine-calligraphy-art
  • calligraphy poem
  • Calligraphy_Poem_06
  • Calligraphy_Poem_14
  • Calligraphy-close-up-Robert-Burns-illuminated-letter-old-fashioned-writing
  • Calligraphy-commission-with-illuminated-letter-and-lavender
  • calligraphy-poem-001
  • calligraphy-poem-006a
  • calligraphy-poem-007
  • calligraphy-poem-015
  • calligraphy-poem-anniversary-gift-the-promise-eileen-rafter
  • calligraphy-poem-commission-orchid-lily-illustration
  • calligraphy-poem-commission-orchid-lily-illustration5
  • Calligraphy-poem-gift-rose-illustration-in-gouache
  • Calligraphy-poem-illustration-gift-with-gold-letter-and-border
  • calligraphy-poem-in-italics-with-pink-and-turquoise-border-illustration
  • gothic
  • illuminated_calligraphy
  • Louis-de-Bernieres-calligraphy-extract-wedding-anniversary-gift
  • spencerian-calligraphy-style
  • Swirly-calligraphy-border-illustration-in-gold-and-purple
  • The-Lake-Isle-of-Innisfree-poem-in-calligraphy
More poems in calligraphy

We have another website dedicated to calligraphy poem commissions. See more examples at or see our very latest poem calligraphy pieces on our calligraphy blog.

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