Envelope calligraphy

Envelope calligraphy: about hiring a calligrapher

On one side of the coin there’s our calligrapher working to craft beautiful lettering for your envelopes. Adding that perfect touch: impressive envelope calligraphy, a flourish, a treat for you, the bride and groom to be proud of.


Envelope calligraphy – a standard layout with lettering all the same size. This is Spencerian script

Delighting friends and family with envelope calligraphy

The other side of the coin is what you don’t see: your friends and family coming down for breakfast and seeing something unexpectedly beautiful on their doormat…

The curiosity as they pick up your handwritten envelope…

The smile as they open it oh-so-carefully…

wedding calligrapher

Creative layouts for calligraphy envelope addressing: the names are highlighted in a larger size

The pleasure at receiving something really special. The sense of anticipation as your invitation is kept, in the lovely envelope. It will stay on the mantelpiece for their friends and neighbours to admire. I hear so very often how many wedding guests have commented on our beautifully handwritten envelopes. It’s wonderful feedback for me. It will be just as satisfying for you to hear how your guests appreciate the extra effort you’ve gone to.

wedding envelope calligraphy addressing UK

Wedding invitation envelope handwritten example (standard layout)

Appreciation of an envelope calligraphy treat!

What we hear from our calligraphy clients is oft-repeated: “everyone commented on the calligraphy”. We can’t guarantee your RSVPs will come back faster. However we truly believe there’s an enthusiasm generated by our calligraphy service. There’s definitely a genuine pleasure in the form of an envelope addressed in beautiful calligraphy.

calligraphy envelope addressing

Envelope calligraphy UK creative layout – with highlighted name and a slant to the address

wedding calligrapher

Standard envelope calligraphy addressing with all letters the same size for a more formal appearance


If you’d like to see a sample we’d be delighted to send one to you free of charge. Please get in touch with your names, wedding date and postal address.

Allow a couple of weeks for your sample to arrive during the peak wedding season. We can get very busy and have to prioritise orders at busy times.

wedding envelope calligraphyYour wedding calligraphy adventure can begin with envelope addressing.

Calligraphy for weddings

How to order

It's easy to order your wedding calligraphy from us: simply email for a quote and we'll help you with everything you need to know.
Email hello@calligraphy-for-weddings.com and we'll reply as soon as we can.

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