It’s made me sad postponing my modern calligraphy workshops – but until we can all get out there and enjoy a real life calligraphy class, I have an online calligraphy workshop to tell you about instead!

It’s going to be a long spring… but to keep your mind and heart occupied, my online modern calligraphy workshop is FREE while we’re all stuck indoors and self-isolating.

We filmed these a few years ago – in my dining room with lovely Paul Kyte behind the camera and my cat under the table! Usually the course costs £60 – for the next 12 weeks or so, it’s yours for free.

I’m really proud of this online calligraphy course and I thought perhaps we could share it now, with you, to help you through the coronavirus pandemic.

There’s no catch; tutorials are free for everyone to view and learn from for the next 12 weeks. I really hope you love them!

modern online calligraphy workshop with Claire by Moon and Tide

There are 6 tutorials in total. They’ll take you from your very first dip of the pen into your ink pot, through to joining up letters and writing beautiful calligraphy quotes.

At a glance: see all of the online calligraphy tutorials in the series:

Tutorial 1 – lines & loops
Tutorial 2 – first letters
Tutorial 3 – lower case alphabets & first words
Tutorial 4 – the beautiful side of capital letters!
Tutorial 5 – curls, curves and common mistakes + the gallery
Tutorial 6 – brush lettering, working in colour + suppliers

Each has a video for you to play and worksheets for you to download and print at home.

To get started you will need a POINTED calligraphy pen – a Nikko G nib and oblique penholder is ideal – some calligraphy ink and a home printer with decent (100gsm) paper. That’s all.

Start here:

Every workshop is listed in the menu at the top of the website, so you can find them easily.

And while we’re all in states of lockdown, self-isolating and feeling anxious and scared, I’d like to introduce you to calligraphy as a mindful activity: there’s something really calming about the nib’s dance across a page… do try it!

Stay safe and well, and look after the world and community around you.

With love, claire gould calligrapher

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