Brush lettering is the playful, super trendy little sister of modern calligraphy – and I’ll be teaching a brush pen calligraphy workshop in Cheshire on the afternoon of Saturday 2nd November. Come and join me!

brush pen lettering for beginners nantwich cheshire
Nantwich // 02.11.2019 // Click for details

The brush pen calligraphy workshop is for absolute beginners – so if you want to get started with a really fun and creative hobby, it’s perfect!

We’ll look at how brush pen lettering works; how to make beautiful letters without damaging the fragile tips of the calligraphy brush pens, and learn a pretty alphabet. Plus, we’ll play with colours – writing in sunrise and sunset colours to produce pretty quotes and wall hangings.

The workshop will be relaxed and friendly – it’s a cosy, creative space at The Little Paper Shop and I love teaching there!

We’re there all day – if you’d like to make a day of it why not come along for my introduction to modern calligraphy in the morning?

Book your places here –

Brush pen calligraphy tickets
Modern calligraphy tickets

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