Absolute beginners calligraphy workshop – weekend sale!

As it’s June and officially summer this weekend I’m running a whirlwind kinda sale on my calligraphy workshop on July 5th.

It’s an absolute beginners modern calligraphy workshop in Manchester, and tickets are usually £55. (This includes a basic calligraphy set for you to take home)

SAVE 20% off the calligraphy workshop price – THIS WEEKEND ONLY!

For this weekend (now until Monday) you can SAVE 20% if you book directly at www.bymoonandtide.com (while places are still available). The price still includes a basic calligraphy set for you to take home too!

If you’ve never been to a modern calligraphy workshop before, then GOOD! You’re perfect for this! We start with the funny pens and nibs – I’ll show you how to potato them before you write (yeah, that’s a thing) and how to put the nib in and how to put ink on your nib and how to use the pen to put the ink on your paper.

And then I’ll show you how to do it beautifully.

You’ll have the loveliest time – AND you’ll actually learn brand new lettering skills!

By the end of the workshop you’ll have a sound understanding of the basics of modern calligraphy.

All in the space of a couple of hours! We start at 2:30 and finish at 4:30.

You’ll also have some little goodies to take home – something you’ve written, perhaps a little piece of beautiful modern calligraphy you’re proud of and ready to frame as a reminder of the fun we had in the workshop!

There’ll be a little pop-up calligraphy shop at the end so you can buy colourful inks, spare nibs and penholders, books and more worksheets if you like.

Class sizes are limited so everyone has some personal tuition – and no matter what your skill level (we all learn at different speeds) I will help you along the way!

Click here to save 20% and book your tickets today!

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