Save 20% on all my digital prints! Etsy sale extended until Friday 30th November

Creative types, we have something special for you today! Download your very own inspirational quote and print them at home for a daily reminder to live life to the full and feel amazing doing it!

I have a selection of digital downloadable calligraphy quotes in my Etsy shop, which are on sale until Friday 30th November.

You can save 20% on any of these calligraphy printables if you order today –

Happy girls are the prettiest – Audrey Hepburn quote – was £2 – now only £1.60

Find yourself and be that – was £4.90 – now only £3.92

Enjoy the little things – was £4.90 – now only £3.92

Do no harm but take no shit – was £2 – now only £1.60

Chase those dreams – was £4.90 – now only £3.92

Love where you live – was £4.90 – now only £3.92

You only fail when you stop trying – was £3 – now only £2.40

What if I fall? Oh but my darling, what if you fly? – Erin Hanson quote – was £3 – now only £2.40

Kindness changes everything – was £4.90 – now only £3.92

Be silly, be honest, be kind – was £4.90 – now only £3.92

Looking for something more personal? I can write a short quote and send it as a digital file especially for you – prices from £15

Hire me to write your favourite poem in calligraphy – prices from £30 depending on word count

Email me for custom order enquiries –

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