A brand new build your own calligraphy set

I’ve been selling my calligraphy starter set on Not On The High Street for a couple of years now. I love it – it includes the same ink and nib I use on a daily basis, along with my book and practice paper, which I also take along to calligraphy workshops. But it was time for a little revamp, and after a quick look at other calligraphy kits on offer around the web, I decided it was time to give people a little more choice and control over the supplies they were buying.

modern calligraphy set
This image by lovely Jenny Jones Photography

At Christmas time I sold more calligraphy kits than ever before, mainly through Not On The High Street. I had three returns, from people buying them as gifts, for reasons like there “weren’t enough pens” or it “just wasn’t quite what I wanted”. I get it – ‘traditional’ calligraphy sets in shops include no instructions, just a pen and 5 nibs. So the older generation expect something a little different to most modern calligraphy sets.

The solution I came up with is to give complete control over what goes in a calligraphy set to the buyer. So I now sell kits with a selection of pens and nibs to choose from, coloured inks and different grades of instructions – from the very basic alphabet sampler and instruction sheet to a black and white exercise book or full colour ‘how to learn calligraphy’ book with beautiful photos. The most important thing to me is that everyone receiving the kit as a gift gets at least some written instruction, unlike those traditional calligraphy sets in shops which only contain the tools of the trade!

The full contents of my ‘build your own’ calligraphy set are:

A4 presentation box

Oblique penholder

Straight penholder (optional)

Brush pen (optional)

Nikko G nib

Rose nib (optional)

Blue Pumpkin nib (optional)

Black ink

White ink (optional)

Rose gold ink (optional)

Personalised notebook (optional)

Set of 10 rustic gift tags (optional)

Pack of 5 quality black notelets and envelopes (optional)

Black & white calligraphy exercise book (optional)

Full colour calligraphy book (optional)

You can buy yours here!

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