We’ve had such a lovely response to the launch of my new online calligraphy workshop – thank you so very much if you’ve signed up already. I hope you’re enjoying learning modern calligraphy! For anyone who hasn’t signed up to the course yet, I’ve extended the introductory offer until the end of this week. All you have to do is visitMAKING BEAUTIFUL LETTERS – and quote the code WRITE-BEAUTIFUL to save 25% on the advertised price.


We’re still improving the course, and your feedback is so important to help us add on new features. I’m really keen to include a comprehensive FAQ section with every weekly tutorial so if there’s anything you need to ask, please do! You can message me on Facebook or email hello@calligraphy-for-weddings.com with any questions (and I promise, there’s no such thing as a silly question!)


Why pay for an online calligraphy course?

I know, I know – there are so many free calligraphy videos online, and some good resources to help you get started. But this online course has everything you need, all in one place.

  • 6 high quality video tutorials
  • Free downloadable practice sheets and alphabets
  • Cheat sheets!
  • Written instructions to accompany each tutorial
  • FAQs with each lesson
  • All created by an experienced calligrapher based on years of teaching modern lettering

All in all, you get over 40 minutes of video tutorials with demos, tips and advice to help you learn. The course will evolve with every participant, so if you enrol and ask a question which will help other students it will be added to our FAQ section too!


There’s also a special savings offer for students of my online calligraphy course. If you don’t already have a pointed pen & nib set, ink and a brush lettering pen, you can save 10% when you order my modern calligraphy starter kit. This also includes a 36 page full colour book with exercises, advice and beautiful images to inspire your calligraphy journey!


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