How to hire a calligrapher for your wedding

I’ve just stumbled across a lovely article which I’d like to share with you. Laura Di Piazza is an artist and calligrapher in the US whose work is truly beautiful. You can see it here: (the work in Laura’s 2013 gallery is incredible).

Top stationers Crane & Co published a feature on their blog entitled How to hire a calligrapher, in which Laura recounts how brides and grooms struggle to even find a calligrapher, let alone hire one! I think the situation in the UK is different, so I wanted to add a couple of tips for UK brides and grooms who are considering hiring a calligrapher for their weddings.

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How to find a calligrapher in the UK

Laura says calligraphers might be difficult to find online (because we’re ink- and paper-loving types with an aversion to keyboards and tech), and suggests ways to find a local calligrapher. In the UK there are a few dozen calligraphers with excellent websites and online shops. Try Googling for ‘UK calligrapher’ or search on

Calligraphy items are delightfully small and lightweight, and therefore easy to post. So most UK calligraphers will deliver your order wherever you are in the country or worldwide. Don’t restrict your search to your county or region: an online search will throw up calligraphers with varying styles: the more you consider, the better your chance of finding one whose style you adore!

Calligraphers online

Even if you can’t find a calligrapher, the interweb has made it ever so simple to ask an expert… Wedding planners, photographers and stationers are all likely to know a calligrapher or two in their online lives. Reach out to your other suppliers and ask the question: you’re bound to find someone who can recommend a calligrapher for you on twitter or facebook.

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You get what you pay for!

Laura’s advice on calligraphy prices is fantastic. There are many calligraphers around from the very best calligraphy artists in the UK (check out Paul Antonio Scribe) to myself and others who have been in business for years. Our prices reflect the time spent on meticulously lettering your beautiful stationery. Expect to pay around £3 for envelope calligraphy, from £1.50 for invitations and from £1 for place name card calligraphy.

If you find a calligrapher who offers incredibly good value for money, then get samples! It’s important to see the quality of their work before you order. We all start somewhere and if you’re looking for quirky, informal lettering with the odd wiggle it’s fine to hire a cheaper calligrapher. But if your wedding is formal in style and you need smooth, quality calligraphy then be sure to hire someone whose work you know will meet your expectations.

Do be sure to read Laura’s article for more advice on student calligraphers, requesting samples and timings for wedding calligraphy.

Advice from the expert: how to hire a calligrapher

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Purple wedding tags with white calligraphy lettering

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