Vintage inspired love letter

vintage love letter (2) In late 2011 I was asked to create a very special keepsake of a love story. I suggested a vintage inspired love letter in calligraphy, with a few special touches: aged paper, lace and ribbon, a wax seal and a vintage postmark. They weren’t all so easy to find… but the end result is a calligraphy commission I’m very proud of.

Handmade, handwritten calligraphy love letter

vintage love letter (5)

vintage love letter (1)
vintage love letter (3)

vintage love letter (4)

vintage love letter (6) vintage love letter (7)


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One thought on “Vintage inspired love letter

  1. I love the look of this vintage letter, and you are right to be proud. I hope the couple found some way of framing it… perhaps in a box frame? Anyhow, this is a lovely piece of work and a lovely idea.

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